Monaco – Oasis of the rich people

Monaco is interrupted to the  French  Alps and Italy Rivjera. Is the second of the lowest city but the densely populated country (1.95  km² lives 32 k people) in the world. Monaco is small country but you can see a lot: mountains, romantic coastline, yachts and luxurious casino. There are Mediterranean sea, no forest, fields, grassland. There is no airport. You can reach Monaco by train, bus, car, jacht or ship. Monaco is small country therefore you can see all main object in one day.

Monaco you can reach by bus No. 100 (destination Manaco/Menton), on weekdays it goes every 15 min., on weekend every 20 min, duration 45 min, ticket price 1.5 EUR. You have to buy a ticket at the bus driver. Furthermore, you can go by bus Express No 100X and your journey will be 10 min. faster. Other way to reach Monaco – by train from Nice Ville train station, travel duration 14-22 min., train goes at 5:30 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., ticket price 3.9-9 EUR, train goes every 16 min. Besides that you can go by car, from Nice to Monaco road tax – 5 EUR, we left our car in underground parking near the Boulevard de Belgique street for 3 h parking we paid 4 Eur.

You can reach Monaco from Milano Centrale your journey takes 5 h.
Monaco is very hilly therefore you have to rise up, rise down and etc. Everything is very compressed, under the house there are streets, lifts, subways. Very good idea is to go by Hop on Hop off buses, they stops 12 stations, ticket price: 22 Eur/1 day, 25 Eur/2 days, from 1 st April to 31 st October bus goes every 15 min at each station, from 10 a. m. to 5.45 p.m., from 1 st November to 31 st March bus goes every 30 min at each station, from 10 a. m. to 5.30 p.m.

What to visit in Monaco:
Monte Carlo ir the most popular building in Monaco, it was built 1863 y. by Charles Garnier, Monte Carlo means “Mount Charles“ and dedicated to Monaco prince Charles III. Casino is the main source of income in Monaco, many tourist leave the money for the games, one interesting thing – residents can‘t go to the Monte Carlo casino. Part of Monte Carlo is the opera house, there were performance of orchestra.

Monako ville is the traditional Monaco block, one of the most popular place, there are old streets, small and calm restaurants, gifts shops, which is the main focus ocean oceanographic museum and the cathedral.

Avenue Princess Grace, many of the world billionaires comes every May to see F1 Grand Prix competition, also many of them lives in this avenue too, where average real estate price – 86 000 US dollar/sq m, there lives: Andrea Bocelli, Roger Moore, Lewis Hamilton, Helena Christensen.

Palace of Monaco (fr. Le Palais des Princes de Monaco) was build in 1191 y., the building was attacked by enemy many times, it has become Garibaldi family home since XIII c. Due to land and space lack this resident is official Prince resident more than 700 y.

Cathedra of Monaco (fr. Cathédrale de Monaco) it was built on the foundation of the old church in 1975 y. There were buried all Garibaldy family and Grace Kelly.

Japanese garden, there are stylized hills, roller coasters, waterfalls, streams in 0.7 ha areas. The garden is open at 9 a.m. till sunrise. From the garden you can see Monaco panoramic view. Entrance price – EUR 7.

Oceanic Museum, there are 6 000 exhibits, such as fish, coral rifs, you can see the underwater world and its authenticity. There are 100 – 450 000 l pool with thousands fishes, 200 invertebrates, hundreds hard and soft corals. Entrance price – EUR 14.

Princess Grace rose park, it is a calm and cozy place with 4 000 kinds of roses, palms, olives trees and various types of plants.

Formula F1 Start Line, Boulevard Albert 1er is the Monaco Grand Prix start line, all around principality of Monaco is the “ Formula F1“ route. As you know, this competitions attract many visitors all around the world.

Louis II stadion, this sport complex are separating his elegance, bright architecture, there are many international contest. Stadion luxurious and shiny does not leave you apathetic.

Hotels is really expensive in Monaco, but you can choose your overnight stay in other place, but if you decide to stay in Monaco, you can choose: APARTMENTS MONACO

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