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Dutchman’s Cap

The so called Dutchmen Cap is a narrow stretch of the Baltic Sea shore, where high and steep morainic scrap seems like resting on the sea. Clif height reaches 24 meters above sea level. Earlier it was a significant natural navigational landmark of the shore, marking a dangerous stony stretch of the shore, where a lot of ships got wrecked.

In 1818 the name of Dutchmen cap was officially legitimised in maps and pilotages by the Prussian state advisor – engineer C. Wutzkę however, it is believe that this name was used amongst fishermen much earlier, because such name is assigned to the protuberand relief forms of the shore in other locations of the world as well.

In the third and the fourth decades of the XVI c. the Europe was torn apart by religious wars and many Dutch found the refugee in Klaipėda, where they gave a start for Klaipėda shipyards. From 1540 the owner of the lands that surround the Dutchmen Cap became the Dutchman Herman von Bombell. It is believed that Dutch merchants and sailors are the authors of the name “Dutchmen Cap”.

The scarp of Dutchmen Cap was the favourite place for a walk of the queen Louisa in 1807 – 1808, when Prussian rulers resided in Klaipėda.

It is interesting that in the crumblings of the scarp in 2014, a 24 thousand years old mammoth bones were found, you can see them in the Seaside regional park visitors center in Karkle.

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