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This towns is one of the most memorable places in the Holy land – Madaba, “the City of Mosaics”. Amongst them, the chief attraction – in the contemporary Greek Orthodox church of St. George entrance fee – 1 JOD. Address: K. Talal St. 30, Madaba. Coordinates: 31.717744, 35.794086 – is a wonderfully vivid, 6th century Byzantine mosaic map showing Jerusalim and other holy sites. With two million pieces of coloured stone and a full 25×5 meters in its original state – most of which can still be seen today – the map depicts hills and valley, villages and towns, as far away as the Nile Delta. This masterpiece is unrivalled in Jordan, but there are literally dozens of other mosaics from 5th through the 7th centuries, scattered throughout Madaba’s churches and homes.

In line with Jordan’s commitment to restoring and preserving its mosaic master-pieces, Madaba’s extensive archaeological park and museum complex encompasses the remains of several Byzantine churches, including the outstanding mosaics of the Church of the Virgin and the Hyppolytus Hall, part of a 6th century mansion. With Jordan pass entrance is free, without Jordan pass entrance fee – 3 JOD.
Coordinates: 31.716084, 35.795470.

Apostles Church. This 6C church stands at a junction on the King’s Highway. Inside a modern structure are mosaics relocated from nearby, and a large in situ pavement, its central medallion representing a personification of the sea (thalassa), a female figure emerging from the waves, surrounded by fish and sea creatures. The side chapel on the left has mosaics incorporating animal motifs. The city panorama view you can see at the top of belfre. Work hours: summer season 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., winter season 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., entrance fee – 1 JOD. Coordinates: 31.711789, 35.794879

Mount Nebo is believed to the place where Moses was buried and the most revered holy site in Jordan. When you stand at the top of this mountain, you can see, as Moses did, the vas panorama that encompasses the Jordan River Valley, the Dead Sea, Jericho, and Jerusalem.
It was a place of pilgrimage for early Cristians and Mount Nebo’s first church was built in the late fourth century to mark the site of Mose’s death. Six tombs, from different periods, have been found hollowed out of the rock beneath the mosaic-covered floor of the church. In the present presbytery can see remnants of mosaics.
The Serpantine Cross, which stands just outside the sanctuary, is symbolic of the brass serpent taken by Moses into the desert and the cross upon which Jesus was crucified. Entrance fee – 2 JOD. Coordinates: 31.768357, 35.725565

And also:

  • Madaba city located 20 km from Queen Alia airport;
  • Do not walk drunked, do not drunk in public places, woman should wear modest clothes, because you should respect Muslims traditions;
  • Food is not expensive, we are recommended go to the cafes where you can see the prices in meniu;
  • Drinks: Coffee is very strong, sometimes you can relish it with cardamom. Tea is very sweetly, which is supplied with mint. Alcohol drink – Arak anise liqueur;
  • Food: musachan – olive oil fried chicken, with onions and bread; mansaf – lamb with yoghurt sauce; makliuba – crumbed vegetables with fish and meat; shishkebab – roasted lamb or chicken with onions and tomatoes; kabsa – vegetables with meat and rises; mahshi – vegetables (cucumbers, aubergines, peppers, tomatoes) stuffed meat and rises. Very popular: kebabs, shavarma, falafel, humus.
  • Calm hotel: Black Iris Hotel
  • Special car rental prices in Jordan;

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