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Kazbegi – the place near Kaukaz
Kazbegi you can reach driving to the north from Tbilisi by “War road“. The travel will not be so short, but view from windows are going to be amazing and wonderful. Firstly you will see street traders witch sells everything, from wool to meat. Lately view are going to change and you will see flowing rivers, mountains and beautiful nature.
If you go to Kazbegi, you have to ride through “War road“, road story have begun till Antique, when first time Pliny and Strabon had mentioned it in “Geography“. The road was used by the Russian army in the war with Turkey in 1769 y. “War road“ have been very important for the Caucasus economic development and the Cherkessia-Russia war. Nowadays the road is paved and used for trucks. The part of the road are going through serpentine without guard walls and your safety depends only on your driving skills and luck.
There are some cafes, mini markets (you can find “Google Market“), hotel prices are not low in Kazbegi. One interesting thing, you can find place to sleep in a resident home, it‘s a normal practice and good way to save money.

The main city celebrity – Kazbegi mountain, it’s a hill 5047 m. high, climbers can participate 3-5 days hiking with local guide, do not forget before this hiking you should be in a good condition. Another option is to hike to the XVI c. Sameba church which is on the hill in 2170 m. high or just reach the top with a local driver by car (it costs 40 GEL/per car).

Uncle Vasia is a popular person in Kazbegi who drives white “Niva“, he will help you to find place to sleep or reach Sameba church. If you see Vasia, you should be calm, because he will take care of you and your friends.
The best place to stay: Terrace Kazbegi Guesthouse

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