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Daugavpils – the second largest city of Latvia and the centre of East-Latvian region – has given to the world the outstanding painter Mark Rothko, the “King of Tango” Oscar Strok and the actor, stage director, public and political figure Solomon Mikhoels (Vovsi). The 19th century fortress and the Church Hill with the churches of four different confession situated there are the symbols of Daugavpils . Daugavpils is one of the few Latvian cities that cant boast of a unique ensemble of classical and eclectic buildings.

Daugavpils Fortress. The symbol of Daugavpils. An outstanding fortification and architectural and town planning monument of State significance. The only early 19th century fortress in Eastern Europe that has remained virtually unchanged. It was created as an ideal fortified city, and nowadays the fortress has become a city in a city with 10 wide streets, 80 buildings, squares and public gardens. The total area of the object situated on both banks of the River Daugava is more than 2km2.

Daugavpils Shmakovka Museum is the largest and most modern museum in Latvia that is dedicated to the strong alcoholic beverage and Latgale culinary heritage – SHMAKOVKA. The museum offers:
To use the latest technologies in order to learn how the shmakovka is made.
To see authentic liquor brewing equipment.
To learn the history of Daugavpils and Latgale.
Guided tours.
Audio guides.
For individual visitors – a special offer for entry tickets on the 1st Sunday of each month.
Hen and stag parties.

Latgale ZOO. Artificial jungle of the Latgale Zoo is home for variuos exotic animals – monkeys, py thons, crocodiles, turtles, iguanas, scorpions a.o. inhabitants of tropical forest ant Latvian landscapes. In the yard of the Latgale zoo you can now visit a farmstead of field mice, a true hobbit house for insects and spiders, as well as a town of European rabbits where children can caress small zoo rabbits and observe their behavior.

The Exhibition of Retro Cars “RetroGaraž-D” is a collection of retro cars and Soviet-era items. Different automobile brands are represented in exhibition – 22 “Moskvich”, 2 “Zhiguli”, “Volga” and “Mercedes” cars. This is probably the largest “Moskvich” collection in the Baltic States. One of the oldest cars in the collection was produced in 1947, a post-war car, which is also a copy of the car brand “Opel”.

Daugavpils Lead Shot Factory is the oldest ammunition factory in Northern Europe, founded in 1885. It is the only such factory in Baltics. Here it is possible to see the historic exhibition, the shot-making workshop, the unique shot tower of 31,5 m height that spreads over the 19 m deep water well beneath

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