Iceland  – The kingdom of ice

Iceland is a volcanic origin island on the tectonic plate junction on the warm point, wherefore there are a lot  volcanoes, 67 percent of Iceland consist of tundra, warm Atlantic ocean stream ensure the quite warm climate, nevertheless the Arctic ocean is not so far.

At Keflavik International Airport to the city center is 35-40 min. way, you can go by  bus (it costs 2 500 ISK) if you want to get service from door to door it will cost more.

There are a lot of smalls airports, because from one side to an other island side you can go just a circle  and it takes a lot of time, so a better way to get from one side to other is by plane.

Iceland people travel to  different ways: by car (in cold season you must take a car with 4-wheel drive), by campers, special cars with all tourists tools (bed, table, chairs and etc.), by bikes, by planes, on foot (we met many transiting people, but we didn‘t see any car which took them). Iceland is on the tourism top, the hotels supply are the few times lower than demand, therefore the hotel price is high. Furthermore to find a hotel is not so easy too.To solve the accommodation problem is to sleep in tent or camper.  To find a camping place is not so hard, for example in Vik you can camping place just in village heard. The place there you can‘t camping are market, you will see warning signs.

There are many tourist from United States of America, every years comes about 1,8 million, but in Iceland population is 332000.

What to visit in Iceland:

Blue lagoon

Blue lagoon is the blue-green color lake, which is powered by geothermal source, and the SPA center is named in the same. The power station at the 2000 m depth is pulling seawater with all useful minerals, the water is cleaned out  bacterium and finally reaches the lagoon. The water temperature reaches  39°C (102°F).  In the Blue lagoon you can take a walk in unique source of geothermal seawater and to get a silica face mask.

Golden circle

It‘s more then  a 200 km tour which starts at Reykjavik, goes  Thingvellir national park (is a natural park, it‘s like a zone, which closes Iceland and there is in the middle of the Atlantic mountain tectonic plates), Geysir (geysir takes off  water and an air pole, it‘a an amazing natural phenomenon). Gullfoss ( it‘s a ,,Golden waterfall“ in south of Iceland river of Hvita (White), river flows at the  Langjokull glacier, the water comes down by two stages at 32 m high, in a sunny day you will see the rainbow), Kedir (it‘s a blue crater, his slope is sown black and red rocks, Kedir is 55 m. high included flowing water in a bottom.   The entrance fee is 3,5 Eur.)

Solheimasandur plane

At the main road to the Sólheimasandur plane is a 3 km walk by foot, the american plane „DC-3“ fall down November  of 1973 near the Vik village in the black beach cost.  The place is very popular among the tourist.

Jokulsarlon glacier

Translating literally „glacial river lagoon“,  Jokulsarlon glacier is big glacial lake in southeastern Iceland, Vatnajokull national park periphery. It became a lake, when glacial started to fall down at the Atlantic ocean periphery and ice was growing due to different maturation. Jokulsarlon is the deepest Iceland lake, exceeding 248 m., because the ice extend his boundaries, since 1970 y the Iceland increase four times. You can look close up at the Iceland and take a boat. In the high season we recommend to book the tickets in advance.


It‘s a geothermal region in Reikjanes (Iceland) peninsula. Krysuvik consist of several geothermal fields, there are some famous craters, which causes an overheated groundwater explosion.

And also:

  • There are many links to the tourist attractions, therefore it haven‘t be hard to found them;
  • The best time to visit Iceland is June-August, because the climate is not so inclement, although, due to warm Atlantic stream, in Iceland air temperature is enough high, but don‘t forget the wind in Iceland is very strong;
  • Don‘t forget mountain boots, warm sweater or jackets, raincoats, hats, gloves, woolen socks, specialy if you are going to travel to the north and it doesn’t matter that it’s summer (July, June, August);
  • When you are travelling by the Iceland you will see a lot of Icelandic horses. Icelanders were travelling with the houses across the country. Today the houses are using for tourism, one of attraction is riding on an Icelandic horse.
  • When you are travelling in Iceland, you will see when the small sheeps are eating the grass at the high mountains. Sheeps wool are ussing to make a socks, gloves, hats, sweaters. Natural sheep wool sweater cost 300-400 Eur. And sheeps meet you will find in all supermarkets;
  • The cheapest market is named Bonus (with pig logo) and Kronun;
  • The food is not cheap, specially dairy products, vegetables, because a lot of products they must to import. Food prices: Icelandic yogurt (500 ml) – 3 Eur., smoked salmon (250 g.) – 8 Eur., cup of coffee – 3,5 Eur., salmon fillet (1 kg) – 20 Eur. Dish in restaurant cost about 100 Eur., soup – 17 Eur. There are many restaurants and cafes near the Reykjavik, away at the city is not possible to find place for eating;
  • There are not many gas stations on the road, have a full tank all your road time;
  • The road is free of charge and good condition. Don‘t go unpaved roads, don’t open the car door abruptly (due to strong Icelandish winds). The allowed speed is 90 KMH;
  • Gas price is 1,6 Eur/l. If you want to fill a gas, you must buy a card (3 000 ISK., 500 ISK., 10 000 ISK). This card you can use as much as you want when exploit all the card money.
  • If you don‘t want to rent a car, you can take a day tour. There are many day tours from Reykjavik;
  • We are recommended to change the money in Keflavik International airport;
  • There are no many toilets;
  • Everywhere you can pay by credit card;
  • We are recommended to book Blue Lagoon Spa in advance;
  • Iceland souvenirs: woolen socks, scarves, hats, gloves, sweaters, rugs, souvenirs with Icelandic bird Puffin;
  • We are recommended to stay: Mar Guesthouse
  • Special car rental prices in Iceland

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